An Introduction to Wood Phone Cases

Cell phones are getting smaller, more modern and more expensive every year. Despite the rapid development of core technology, no cell phone manufacturer has found a way to make an indestructible phone. 

In response, a number of third countries have developed different types of phone cases. Buy custom mobile phone cases online via ACASO that has become popular lately is a wooden phone case. Before we dive into the different types of wooden phone cases, it's important to understand why phones need to be protected in the first place. 

The main purpose of the cage box is to prevent damage from falls, spills and water damage. The plastic, leather, or dual layer around the phone can absorb a lot of impact, preventing the screen from cracking or the phone being unusable. Given the cost of replacing a smartphone, adding a protective case is a cheap investment.

When choosing a wooden case for a phone, there are four main options to choose from. The first is natural wood veneer. The natural wood veneer case uses a thin laminated cutting drive nearby. Not only does it offer a rich texture, but it is also an eco-friendly product and does not contain formaldehyde.

Painted veneer is another popular choice for those who want a wooden box. Instead of just using thin strips of laminate, the wood is stained and discolored. This keeps the overall look natural, but the base color can be changed to match almost anything. The key to a long lasting and good looking lacquered veneer is to use quality stained wood.