Automotive Paint Suppliers – What Can They Do For You

Automotive paint suppliers are responsible for providing paint to companies involved in manufacturing products in various industries. As product design focuses more on tactile nuances in using a product, various types of colors are being developed to create attractive nuances and provide attractive colors. 

In addition to creating colors with specific shades, best automotive paint suppliers  have developed colors with special properties that allow them to be used for specific purposes.

: Automotive Paint Suppliers - What Can They Do For You

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Stoving Basecoats

This is a layer of pre-paint applied to a metal structure, which is then heated and fired onto the metal. An obvious example of this is the manufacture of bicycles. When it cools, this coat of paint mixes effectively with the metal surface, making it very difficult to scratch.

Ultraviolet color

These colors glow under ultraviolet light and create a unique effect when used in interior design or furniture.

Tall building filler

This is a special thick paint that can be used to smooth minor imperfections on the surface to which it is applied.

Protective paint

Surfaces coated with this type of paint will withstand water, corrosion, friction, and heat much better than uncoated surfaces. However, be aware that your automotive paint supplier may modify the paint formula to protect the surface from wear, water, rust, and even fire.