Brief Information on Different Types of Roofing Sheets

The roofing sheet is a type of protective cover that is used to protect homes, warehouses, and other architectural structures from harsh weather elements. 

They are considered an important component of each structural construction because without them homes or other buildings will not be livable. Because of the constant technology advancement, roof sheets are now sold in different variants like size, function, and features. 

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Why Is Polycarbonate A Great Option For Roofing? - Tuflite

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Here are the popular types that you have to closely evaluate:

Polycarbonate Roofs: They are very stable and able to withstand even the heaviest weather conditions.  Polycarbonate is a durable material with a flexible application. 

Metal Roofs: The roof sheet made of metal may be one of the most commonly used roof types for a very long time. They can be built from various types of metals, especially aluminium and stainless steel.

Plastic Roofs: If you are on a tight budget, the roof sheet made of high-quality plastic is the most practical choice for you. Their durability is very dependent on the value and type of plastic used.