Considering a Free Company Name Generator

Type “business name generator” into a search engine and you’ll discover a number of online tools that purport to help you come up with a catchy new company name. Use these automated tools, though, and you’ll find yourself lulled into a very limited set of naming options.

They’re excellent at combining two words into one or suggesting a second word for your one, then checking with just a click to see which domains are available. If you want to know about the random letter generator tool, then you can visit this site at

Random Letter of the Alphabet Generator PowerPoint

However, they offer just a fraction of the name possibilities that a human being can make up. And the human-generated options can be far fresher and more fitting than the computer-generated ones.

As proof, here are ten human naming techniques that can use the computer (so far) cannot.

Naming Techniques ten Ignored by Automated Generating Tool

Syllable Substitution-  A clever naming method takes the word unknown and transformation into a made-up word cute with a very different meaning by changing one syllable in it.

For example, we have the word “extract”, which we can modify into a sparkling name for financial software, Quintessence. Similarly, if we are naming deli serving Jewish specialties, we can take the Yiddish “nosh” (which means “snacks”) and International home. The names of these are way beyond the reach of the automatic name generator.

Spelling Variant- A few years back, a search engine called BackRub was looking variegated name implies, the search results are almost limitless. software generation name only a very small percentage of the estimated half-million recognized words in the English language, and of those that “know” can not mean tinkering with the language.

Therefore, it will never come to Google, obvious misspelling of the word “googol,” which means 1 followed by 100 zeros. BackRub renamed itself Google and slid into the history of the Internet.