How to Buy Underwear For Your Woman

Not many men are comfortable, or even brave enough, to go to the lingerie section of a department store. They are always afraid to enter the forbidden land of bras and panties. They become overly aware of the people who will see them in that section.

However, there will be a time when you will have to go to the women’s underwear section, either of your own free wills or by force of circumstances, and buy underwear for your wife or girlfriend. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

Among all women’s clothing, underwear is the one that is considered personal. Whatever the reason you buy her bras or panties, especially if you want to surprise her, make sure she is comfortable with the gesture. But of course, you know your girl. If you want to order period-proof underwear, visit

When you’ve finally gathered enough courage for the lingerie section, remember what you’re there for in the first place. Don’t be overwhelmed by the rivers of lace-up, string, floral, and see-through bras and panties all around you. And you shouldn’t be tempted to flirt with the salesperson who serves you, just because you find yourself in that environment. You need to make your purpose clear.

With that cleared up, and remember your purpose there, which is to buy your wife or girlfriend underwear, now is the time to choose the merchandise. You might be tempted to go for a hot color, a sexy panty, a T-back, or one that looks kinky but thinks about it first.

Will you feel comfortable using it? You know your wife well and remember that what you are buying is for her and not for the pleasure of your eyes. Put her comfort first.

Next, you are on the most important part of the decision: the size. Of course, you know the size of your woman. She should. This aspect can indicate whether the purchase of it is a success or not.

A woman is very sensitive when it comes to her size. If you buy sizes that are too large for her, she might think that you think she is large. She shouldn’t buy a size smaller either, because while it might flatter her, she wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it.