How To Choose The Best Boys Bedroom Accessories

You can create a boys room by adding football table, lego storage, graffiti art or other accessories. Rotterdam graffiti artists have designed a mural on a wall of a bedroom and it adds a cool and stylish edge to the room. You can even add a reading corner or use colors and patterns to make the room fun. Read on for some ideas and get inspired. We've gathered some of the best ideas for boys' rooms.


A tipi boys bedroom can make an instant den. Not only is the room fun and creative, but it also serves as a practical storage area for toys. Older boys might want to have a place to read a book away from their bed. A tipi can be a great option for a little boy's room. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect boy's bedroom. Listed below are some great accessories for a boy's room.

Loft beds for boys are ideal because they give them their own little space. Not only can they be customized to fit their personalities, but they are also easy to construct yourself. Loft beds for boys are particularly popular with older boys. Unlike the name, they don't look scary and are accessible through a ladder. Loft beds can even be made from wood or metal so that parents can save money on construction. The stairs leading to the loft bed are also sturdy enough for an older child.

Baseball-themed decor

If you want to add an ode to the favorite sport of your son, consider baseball-themed decor for boys' bedrooms. You can start by selecting baseball-themed decor for the room's walls, ceiling and furniture. The baseball theme can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish. Baseball-themed bedding is a great place to start, as it's cheap and easy to make. Also, you can purchase jersey pillows or framed photos of players. If you want to go all out, you can display framed trading cards or a trophy case filled with baseball memorabilia. Matching curtains and drapes for a sports-themed bedroom are a great idea as well.

To add a little flair to the room, try a baseball-themed bean bag chair, complete with vibrant red stitching. A baseball-themed bedside table with large drawers will make a stylish accent. Baseball-themed wall murals can be a great way to display your child's favorite team. You can also try a tabletop foosball instead of a full-size foosball table. If your son's room is too big for a foosball table, you can buy a tabletop version and keep it in his room.

Industrial style bed

If you're after a stylish yet practical bed for your boy's room, an industrial style bed is the answer. These beds are versatile and can double as a study space or place to relax. You can even choose a bed with a metallic finish to give the room a grown-up feel. If you'd like to add even more to the room, consider adding a DIY chalkboard and a macrame hanging chair. You can also add atmospheric fairy lights to complete the look.

Industrial-style bedrooms often feature an exposed brick accent wall. This red brick wall will be the perfect backdrop for your boy's bed and will be reflected in the room's lighting. The rest of the room will remain relatively plain, featuring just a simple platform bed and a couple of accent pieces like a wood nightstand. This design is also great for use in smaller bedrooms. And if you're not sure how to incorporate a brick wall into your boy's bedroom, consider choosing a bed with a red accent wall.


While bookcases are an important accessory for any child's room, it is also necessary to secure them to the wall to prevent them from tipping over. In 2015, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launched its Anchor It! campaign to make parents aware of the dangers of falling furniture. Between 2000 and 2019, 469 children died in tip-over incidents – almost half of which occurred in bedrooms. The following are some bookshelf options for your child's room:

Bookcases for boys' bedrooms need not be overly-stuffy, as they can provide storage for toys and other items. A deep bookcase can provide ample space to place both books and artwork. Then, if desired, you can anchor them with heavier objects such as books. Alternatively, you can put small pieces of artwork near the front of the shelves to give the room some depth. You can also use small frames to hide bulky vases or decorative plates.


Decorative shelves in the form of hexagons and squares are a great choice for a modern or Scandinavian-styled kids room. They are practical and go well with the room's overall theme. Hexagon-shaped shelves aren't the best place to display numerous accessories, but a single toy on each shelf can make a great decorative element. They can also be made easily without nails and require only a basic DIY skill.

Built-in shelves are a great choice for small rooms, as they add extra storage space and are the perfect spot for small toys. If you're not planning on buying shelves, you can also install shelves under the bench in the reading nook. While plain shelves are functional, you can also add interest to the storage space by purchasing shelving units in fun patterns. You can also buy woven baskets to place under the bed to provide warmth to the room while serving a dual purpose. The baskets can also be used for storing out-of-season clothing.


A chair in a boy's room can enhance the room's relaxed, laidback theme. Choose a seat that is comfortable and reminiscent of the teen years, or opt for a reclining chair. You can even put an accent bench at the foot of the bed to create an attractive focal point. Whatever your style, your boy will enjoy the fun and whimsy that comes with choosing his bedroom accessories.

A chair can also serve as a seating option and double as a storage space. Extra storage is always appreciated in a kid's room. Select one that has a padded seat and armrests. Choose a chair that is designed to accommodate your child's favorite book or game system. And if he's older, get a storage bench. This way, he can use it as a storage space.