How To Pack Your Fragile Items While Moving Your House

As you plan to move your house to a new location, there are plenty of delicate and fragile items that may require your special attention to avoid the risk of damage. 

If we name a few, there are glassware, chinaware, musical instruments, electronic devices, framed artwork, mirrors, lamps, kitchen items, and many other fragile items that can damage easily. If you are looking for the best moving company, you can navigate to this website.

Here, you can find some easy tips from expert house movers in Perth that help you pack up all your delicate households and keep them safe throughout your move:

Plan ahead

It may take some time to carefully pack delicate and breakable moving items without hiring professional furniture movers Adelaide . So, better to plan ahead of the moving day to properly pack fragile moving items.

Use superior packing supplies and tools

Once you have decided to pack up all your delicate valuables on your own, make sure you have arranged the required packing material from a retail store or contact professional cheap house movers in Perth. 

You may need to have good quality boxes in various sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, pliable cardboard, packing tape, and scissors, etc. 

Pack the most delicate moving items

Crockery items- Wrap each crockery and glass item within bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Use a small or medium carton box lined with paper. Place the wrapped crockery plates and glasses vertically and fill the gap with crumpled paper. 

Photo frames- Wrap up each photo frame with packing paper and pack them separately in a paper-lined small or medium box. Place large photo frames in a vertical position while small frames should be placed horizontally.