How to Repair an Earlobe Split and Other Earlobe Holes in Cheshire?

In Cheshire, earlobe repair can be used to restore the appearance and shape of the earlobes. Over time, earlobes can become stretched by the use of earrings. Ear gauges can also cause severely stretched ears. Earlobe surgery is used to correct a stretched ear lobe due to an ear gauge or a torn/enlarged earlobe. If the earlobes have a large size, earlobe surgery may be performed.

In Cheshire, earlobe repair is used to fix a split in an ear lobe. To repair the split, make incisions around it and then stitch the edges together using a specific technique. For more information on the procedure of split earlobe repair visit The resultant notch at the edge of the ear where it is sutured is a risk. This risk can be reduced by a variety of methods. The split's appearance and the method used will determine the best method.

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The procedure for stretching the earlobe is similar to that of a split. However, it can be more difficult depending on how severe the stretching has been. To allow the earlobes to heal as well as possible, the surgeon might make several incisions.

This depends on how much stretching was done. The simplest type of repair is to close any earring holes that are slightly larger than normal. Although severely stretched ears can be repaired (as seen in those who have worn gauge earrings), it will require a different type.

Some people are unhappy with their earlobes' size because they feel they are too big. Excessive earlobe tissue can be removed to reduce the size of these people. You must consult a board-certified surgeon with experience in earlobe repairs.