Importance Of A Stapler In Office

Most people think the stapler is pretty plain. As an entrepreneur, of course, you need a stapler. You can buy a decent one for about ten dollars at your local office supply store, and for a few dollars more you can get a supply of staples that will last longer than the staple itself.

They are very cheap. It is difficult to imagine that even the workplace does not have a rose gold stapler, sits on a table, or is accessible in the most convenient drawer on the table. 

rose gold stapler

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And if you happen to have one of those extra-large staples that are expensive and can hold 50 or 60 pages, you're probably going to hang them up and lock them up on your desk.

The simple stapler is central to office life and people are deeply attached to it. When someone wants to borrow your stapler, you are likely to look at it with suspicion. If you lose the staple, you lose an entire day's work looking for it. 

Although the stapler can be used for many purposes, eg. for sticking nails into the wall, as a weight for paper, and for throwing annoying associates, its main function is to insert thin metal wires into several sheets of paper so that they do not separate. This helps keep the pile of paper neat and organized.