Important Aspects For Purchasing C02 Laser Cutting Machine

The speed at which lasers cut is an important consideration when choosing the laser equipment. It is beneficial because it usually leads to greater efficiency, but faster speeds usually mean more expensive and for some businesses the most costly and fastest laser might not be the ideal choice to their requirements.

In assessing the production speed, you should take into account the following points when purchasing a affordable CO2 laser cutter & engraver machines ,when evaluating the speed of production:

  • Cutting rate is the speed at which lasers cut the material.

co2 laser cutting machine

  • Speed of Traverse is the speed at which the laser head moves between cuts, moving from one location to the next.

  • High accelerations are able to reach high cutting speeds.

  • Deceleration in speed means the laser is able to slow down and/or stop.

  • For more complex cutting, the speed differential is less significant because the rapid beginning and ending, as well as the acceleration and deceleration over shorter distances does not allow the laser to speed up to its maximum.

  • Time required to switch from sheets to sheets It takes time to remove sheets from the table. These factors determine the actual time of production.

With the different types of lasers, the energy in Kilowatts defines its actual speed at which it cuts. Although other factors may impact the production time, the majority of modern lasers are capable of the same speed for cutting when the power of Kilowatts is identical.