Installation of an In-Ground Basketball Hoops

Every type of basketball hoop, be it in-ground, portable, or mounted, has its advantages and drawbacks. The in-ground hoops offer the best performance. Portable hoops are preferred by many because they don't require any installation. Mounted hoops require some installation but are not as difficult as those in the ground.

In-ground installations are very easy to do. It will require you to purchase cement and get your hands dirty but once it's done, you'll have a sturdy basketball hoop. You can check out more about in-ground basketball hoops through

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You can also spend time with your family and friends during installation. To assemble and place a hooper, you will need at least two people. It is a great activity for the whole family since everyone has to work together toward a common goal. 

The type of installation you choose depends on the hoop that you buy. Direct burials are the most common type of installation for hoops that cost less. This means the pole is directly cemented into the ground, without any anchor or sleeves.

This is the most popular type of basketball hoop. This is a very simple process. It involves digging a several-foot-deep hole and putting concrete in place to fix the pole. It is important to ensure that the pole's rim is 10 feet high and straight. Stability can be added by placing the pole on top of a few bricks.

This is the most popular and advanced type. This type is only available to premium hoops. This is also known as an anchor mount installation. The anchor mount installation involves four j-bolts being cemented into the ground. After that, the pole is bolted to an anchor. This allows you to easily remove the anchor's hoop if needed.