Natural Minerals Found in Dead Sea Salt

Magnesium Chloride. Magnesium chloride is not as common as other forms of magnesium. It is highly beneficial for the spine, including not only its ability to keep nerve cells healthy, but also to help prevent osteoporosis. If you use this salt on your skin, it can help eliminate wrinkles.

Potassium Chloride. Like magnesium chloride, potassium chloride is good for our bones and nerves. This salt is particularly helpful for people who have heart conditions. To use it on your skin, youll need to find a supplement that uses it as a key ingredient.

Beta-Carotene. As one of the richest sources of vitamin A, this salt has long been considered one of the natural sources of vitamin A. It is also an antioxidant. Although beta-carotene is not a vitamin, this is a great way to get vitamin A because the salt is rich in it.

Zinc Chloride. Along with calcium, zinc is one of the minerals that our bodies need to properly absorb. As a natural source of copper, this salt is especially helpful for women who are pregnant or who are breast-feeding.

Sulfur. There is some controversy over the safety of the use of Dead Sea salt in supplements. The government has studied this product for safety and found no evidence of toxicity. It can be a great addition to your diet, though, if you are interested in getting more sulfur into your body.

Piperine. Though other forms of the salt are known to contain it, it is the pipeline that is really helpful to the body. It helps your body use insulin more efficiently. It has also been shown to enhance mental alertness.

Dihydromorphine. This salt contains some of the same properties as morphine. Thats not something youll want to be using if you are using a supplement to treat pain, though. It is not even necessarily useful for that purpose.

Bromelain. Also known as pineapple extract, this salt is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Like pipeline, it can be added to food as a source of flavonoids.

Chromium Oxide. Chromium is known to promote healthy skin. If you need to get some chromium into your body, youll probably benefit from this form of salt.

Garlic. We all know that garlic is a good source of vitamin A. It is also a natural source of a compound called allicin, which may have a positive effect on inflammation.

Many of the natural minerals in pure Dead Sea salts are already known to us, and many are only loosely related to mineral supplements. Here is a short list of some of the most interesting minerals in the Dead Sea.

In addition to these items, there are many other minerals and vitamins that Dead Sea salt can provide. You just need to be sure to get the right formulation for your needs.