Pallets – What They Are Made Of?

Pallets that are used as a base for transport of many different kinds of bulk products are built to order based on set standards. There are several properties that are vital to performance such as the coefficient of friction, the amount of load it can handle as well as it's dimensions.

In the market, various types of pallets are available for example plastic pallets, wood pallets, etc

Standard Wooden Pallets

Some standards have been developed to ensure that everyone speaks the same language when talking about the specs, but this has not been entirely successful. For example, there is an ISO standard, North American Standards, and European standards. A proper unification of all three would be very beneficial to trade as it would then be sure that there will be interoperability. For example, a forklift in the region will be able to lift the pallet designed in another.


Usually the weakest part of pallet joints. Therefore, one of the best ways to improve efficiency and load handling capability is to improve the quality of the nail. Pallets can be held together by staples as well. Typically, these are also standard and different methods are used depending on the industry concerned.

The material used to Build Pallets

Many different materials can be used for the construction of pallets depending on the specifications. Historically, certain materials have been preferred for their cost benefits, but modern technology has allowed others to make their mark.