Some Of The Bibles To Buy For Your Kids

Buying a Bible for a child is perhaps the most important investment you can make! We often spend more money on video games and entertainment for our children than we do on teaching them about Jesus! When it comes to getting a new Bible for your child, price should never be a major issue when selecting a new Bible.

There are literally thousands of different Bibles you can buy for kids today. Here are a few of the Bibles for kids available today.

Daily Bible by Reeves Eira

One of the biggest challenges for youth and adults is staying disciplined by reading the word every day. The Everyday Bible is a great tool to help children get into the disciplined habit of reading the Scriptures every day. If we teach our children to study the scriptures when they are little, they will be so much better as they get older. It is never too early to teach your children to study the scriptures. You can also provide them with a biblical story timeline, maps, charts, and posters, to keep them intrigued. If you are looking for a Biblical timeline, click on this website.

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ICB Compact Kids Bible – Pink Camo Faux Leather by Intern Child Bible Company

Some children think the Bible is boring and not for them. You can try buying a cool Bible that your child will love. This pink camo Bible is perfect for girls who are on trend. You can take it anywhere you want and it is very flexible. It is one of the best selling Bibles on the market today.

These are just a few of the many scriptures that you can give to your children today. There are many children's Bibles that are perfect for introducing them to the love of Jesus!