How Do Hurdles Improve Agility?

A speed hurdle is an excellent tool for athletes playing on the court or field. It can enhance the ability of an athlete to change direction suddenly and frequently (basketball, soccer, tennis) or who needs to stay in control when performing fast actions during unique running patterns, such as walking.

There are many different agility hurdles in the market and each offers specific tools to help athletes improve certain skills. You can also buy the best training hurdles online via

Hurdle speed drills help with agility, leg speed, balance, coordination, and more. In contrast to agility ladders, which lie flat on the ground, most hurdles are 6" or 12* above the ground. This forces athletes to elevate their feet and focus more on their footwork. In addition, higher hurdles aid in fast movement. A necessary start for a fast martial arts kick.

Skill training helps martial artists to maneuver and change positions quickly. This allows the martial artist to dodge attacks or attacks in unprotected areas (i.e. move sideways to avoid hitting the enemy and quickly launch an effective counterattack against an unbalanced opponent). This is an important element in a martial arts or sparring match scenario.

A trained martial arts instructor should monitor all stretching and injury prevention exercises and ensure that the correct technique is used.