A Guide To Amazon Flex App For Signup Process

Amazon Flex is one of the new additions to the gig economy, allowing private couriers to deliver a package Amazon, groceries, and more millions of products that you can now bring to your doorstep within hours of the reservation. 

Many people who earn money have added food and package delivery so that they could earn more money during their time on the road. Curious? Check out this quick guide to get started with download amazon flex app for android and iPhone so you can start to dominate the delivery room.

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Amazon Flex: Signing Up

Sign up with Amazon Flex is quick and easy as long as there are open positions in your area. It will be the first question you asked about the process. Amazon listed all locations on their site so that you can select your city to find an area close to you to work on.

Amazon Flex Driver – Area

If your location is not present in the app, you can sign up yourself on the waiting list, and Amazon will send you an email when that location opens. If your area is open, select, and you will be asked to provide:

  • Vehicle make, model, and year

  • basic info demographics

  • social security number / TIN

  • Vehicle insurance Info

  • Bank account information for direct deposit

  • Driver's license information

You will also be asked to agree to a background check. The process takes some days. While you wait for your permission, take a look at Amazon provides short training videos to ensure you're ready to go when you are approved. close attention, because there is a quiz at the end of each video.