What Should You Know About Purchasing An Emerald Ring?

Jewelry is always a great gift idea and if your woman loves emeralds, what better gift than an emerald ring? This type of gift is sure to please any woman as it is a great way to show her the depth of your love. When deciding whether to buy an emerald or not, you need to consider a few facts about the quality, the setting you choose, and of course the actual ring size. You can buy different styles of rings like emerald via Luxe Gemmes.

The color of the stone says a lot about the quality of the stone. The best quality emeralds have a green color that is a lime color or even a new grass color. The color of the stone must be the same throughout the stone with no visible signs of fog or gaps. The highest quality stone is translucent. Make sure the jewelry you buy the emerald from doesn't use staining techniques as this will reduce the value of the stone.

Deciding on the settings can be time consuming as you must first choose how you want to place the stones. Placing stones on gold is always a popular idea. Gold has a way of making emeralds stand out really well, and with gold you also have a choice of yellow or white gold. 

One of the trends that you are now seeing in emerald rings is the platinum setting. This is a fantastic way to accentuate the beauty of a rock.