The Truth About Buying Treadmills

The great attraction of a home treadmill is able to exercise whenever you want, whatever the weather. 

Treadmills are designed to enhance the most popular form of exercise – walking, jogging and running. The home treadmill has experienced substantial growth in recent years. You can buy treadmills online from various online sources.

A treadmill consists of a wide belt which is stretched over a bed and around two or more rollers. A well-constructed treadmill is a piece of home exercise equipment that every member of your family can enjoy. 

With treadmills you need to pay attention to the impact involved when your feet hit the belt; your body absorbs up to two and a half times your body weight.


Some excellent features, like heart monitors and safety keys that automatically stop the treadmill if you slip, will contribute to the enjoyment and safety of your treadmill workout or help add motivation. 

Note that some monitors heart rate treadmill clip onto an ear or, for more accurate readings, strap on the chest. Adjustable inclines let you vary the slope of a hill.

The new treadmill models come with many extra features. Features such as extra cup holders, built-in fans, CD players and other electronic gizmos may be handy but not essential for you to get an ideal workout. 

Some treadmills monitor your heart by integrated sensors in the frame that are gripped by hands, but this can only be done if you’re walking does not.

The more expensive treadmill models will also offer a selection of preprogrammed exercise routines. Folding treadmills collapse to allow for easy storage and are ideal for people without enough room for a bulky exercise machine.

Before buying, make sure the deck area provides enough space for you to exercise in comfort and the belt should work well without slipping or sticking. 

Keep in mind that what feels right to you may not accommodate others around comfortably. Consider bringing your water bottle and towel to the treadmill store and try out their treadmills.