What is The Science Behind Candidate Assessment

When trying to figure out who would be the best hire, your key questions must be answered by reliable information.

 Assessment possesses a numerical connotation. Webster defines assess as “to determine the rate or amount of.” To assess, you need to put numbers to value. That’s it.

In the case of recruitment, hiring assessments will give you battle-tested insights on behavioral tendencies, quality of past work, and level of an existing skill.

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 Behavior Assessments measure personality. Yes, personality can be categorized and quantified. We’ve come a long way since Briggs Myers. In an interview, you will learn anecdotal details of a candidate’s behavior. 

Behavioral assessments provide a more comprehension measure for job fit and company fit.  What personalities have thrived in your company culture? You need to know this. What personalities perform best as inside sales reps? Behavior assessments tell you.

Reference Checks measure the performance of past work. Reference checks should gather more points of view than the three phone numbers candidates have brought to job interviews for the last 50 years.

In a phone reference, you get the overarching impression by a fan of the candidate; there is a conflict of interest.

Skills Tests measure the level of a specific expertise. Skills tests quantify where their skill sits amongst everyone else in the market.