3 Reasons To Choose A Career In Data Analytics

There are many career options in data science and data analytics. This is an exciting time to be alive. The industry is changing rapidly and the future looks uncertain, but it is certainly promising. 

This experience is a great platform for young professionals to make a career in this new field. Below are some reasons that development of custom software are great options for young professionals who plan to graduate in the next few years.

1.Interesting Work: While data analytics may not be as fun and challenging as software development, it does have its own challenges which make it an interesting job. It aims to answer questions related to market trends and other behaviors. 

Advanced projects could include learning statistical techniques. The skillset can be transferred to any industry.

2.Pays Well: This job is well-paid, as any professional in the field will attest. This is a trend that is unlikely to slow down because there is so much demand. Young graduates can get jobs as business analysts or data analysts if they have a technical education. 

These jobs pay between USD 60-70K. This number increases as you gain more experience and increase in your designation. The starting salary for a middle management job would be USD 90-95K.

3.Growth Opportunities: Recent studies show that the world is becoming more curious than ever. This means that large companies are spending more money to study market trends more accurately. 

This has led to the development of innovative methods, tools, and business processes in all industries. This gives young professionals ample opportunity to explore different career paths based on their preferred industries.