Who Is Covered Under The Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act covers men employed at overseas U.S. locations. The act is an expansion of the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA) and supplies disability compensation and health care benefits to employees and death benefits to eligible survivors of covered workers.

The defense base act is intended to provide benefits to employees of defense contractors that have suffered an injury in the course and extent of their job. For more information about defense base act lawyer you can visit http://www.overseas-contractors.com/.

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Coverage includes civilians employed by American contractors engaged in public works projects for the U.S. government, on U.S. military bases that are located outside the continental United States.

Kinds of employment covered under the act include advisor, medic, bomb disposal specialist, translator, engineer, private military contractor, truck driver, construction worker,  and utility employee. 

All types of illness and injury which occur during labor are covered under the act. Often accidents can result in a war zone where a worker can endure such injuries as brain injury, paralysis, or amputation. 

The DBA also covers emotional injuries after being subjected to life threatening injury and the ones that suffer post traumatic stress disorder when returning home.

Defense Base Act Attorneys

It is important to get a DBA attorney to represent the injured employee since DBA attorneys specialize in this area of the law and possess the expertise to ensure their clients get the compensation they deserve.