The Future of Oil and Gas Investing

"Texas oil investments are as traditional as Texas oil drilling. It is a historic venture that defines Texas. The proud oil-drilling families of the past date back to the "old west" days and the golden age of Texas oil in the early 20th century. 

The pursuit of fossil fuel resources is now different than it was in the past. The technology today allows companies to drill more oil out of a single reservoir than ever before. New techniques also allow for the capture, transport, and storage of natural gas (NS), which is associated with crude oil. You can also learn more about gas investment from

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Oil and Gas Investing Is Once Again a Profitable Opportunity

Horizontal drilling is a more efficient and effective way to extract more oil from one reservoir. Natural gas is one by-product of oil drilling.

Similar to opening a cola bottle, NS is released when it is tapped from a crude oil reserve. This was a largely wasted product in the past. The NS byproduct would be thrown away if there wasn't a market or user nearby. Natural gas, due to its gaseous nature, had to be piped to end-users. This was more expensive than most crude oil reservoirs.

New technology has been created that can extract natural gas while drilling for oil. This is great news for oil and natural gas investors and those companies who can harness the technology to sell NS.