Things you need to know about houseplants

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Are you planning to welcome a houseplant at a wedding function or your space? Then you don't need to stress as you are on the perfect page. We have covered all the must-know things about houseplants.

Some of the astonishing facts about houseplants are:

  • Houseplants are colorful- Many people think that green plants are the only limit for houseplants, but that's not true as many houseplants come in electrifying colors, including crotons and red aglaonemas.
  • All plants don’t require high maintenance- Experts who offer services like wedding plant hire suggest that it is relatively easy to maintain houseplants. Even if you have a busy schedule, these tiny plants won't mind. All you need to do is choose unkillable plants, and you won't have to run behind them watering all the time. 
  • They don't require a tropical climate- You need to know that there is no need to heat up your thermostat for your indoor plants. The majority of the plants like the temperature you are comfortable in, so you don't need to stress the temperature.
  • A south-facing window isn't a must- As the majority of the indoor plants, including the succulents, don't like direct sunlight, so it is perfectly acceptable to have a north or east-facing window.
  • Leave spritzing- you don't need to mist your houseplants as misting doesn't enhance the humidity for a longer duration. Instead, it leads to issues like the spreading of diseases.

Thus, these are some facts you must know before getting a houseplant.