Keys To Successful High Intensity Interval Training

When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, high-intensity interval training can produce great results. If done right, you can achieve weight loss, muscle tone, increased strength, power, and more.

What is high-intensity interval training?

Simply put, it is a high-intensity training phase in a low-intensity workout. This period (interval) usually ranges from 15 to 60 seconds. You can also check for the best intensity interval training via the web.

High-Intensity Interval Training

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Here's how to tell if high-intensity interval training is the right workout choice for you.

– Lose weight without losing muscle

– Increase stamina

– Shorten your workout without compromising your results

Another great benefit of HIIT is that you can work both aerobic (oxygen powered) and anaerobic (oxygen-free) systems. This means it can be useful for people who want to increase their explosive power and endurance.

Important things to remember about interval training

Eat something small and easy to digest about 30 minutes before exercising (fiber or fruit is very good). Studies show that it increases the duration and intensity of exercise.

Always warm-up before exercising. This can greatly reduce the chance of injury, especially with pulled muscles.

Do your best when it's time for your high-intensity interval. Remember that you will only need to care for it for a short time, so don't hold it in.

– As with any exercise, listen to your body. Working hard is fine, but watch out for anything out of the ordinary. Interval training done properly is intense and exhausting.