What Should Your Car Detailing Service Consist Of

Be careful when caring for paint Your car's paint is extremely delicate and is processed by the most renowned car care services in three steps: cleaning, repairing, and protecting the paint surface. The first step, cleaning, is to wash and dry the car properly to remove dirt and grime.

The second step is the application of the clay stick which removes contaminants on the transparent coating such as industrial waste, metal particles, dirt, and tar. If you’re looking for more information about interior car detailing check this out.

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Vehicle interior fittings should at least include cleaning of all carpets and seats. This is done by shampooing or using a steam cleaner for great results.

In addition, all plastic and vinyl must be properly cleaned and groomed, and all leather must be conditioned and cleaned. This is not limited to the passenger area, a very detailed car detailing service will also include the car trunk in the detail package.

Cleaning the chassis and wheels Your vehicle's chassis must be cleaned along with the rest of the vehicle's exterior. This includes just below the car, in the wheel slots, and around key suspension components such as the anti-roll bars and wishbones.

It is recommended that the plastic splash guard and inner fender be covered with a plastic guard. Wheels and tires must be thoroughly washed before applying the protective formula. This increases the gloss and prevents future corrosion and cracking.