Mavala Stop- Best For Avoiding Thumb Sucking

It is really a difficult task to get your child to stop thumb sucking. You may have tried various home remedies, but greedy suckers need a little more to stop the habit. It takes only 21 days for children to develop their dependence on thumb sucking, but it takes days and months and sometimes years of continuous efforts to make them stop finger sucking. 

There is a cure for the habit of sucking fingers – Mavala Stop. You can check Mavala Stop review online also anti-nail biting polish review if your child bites his/her nails. Many products are available in the market, claiming to be the best remedies for thumb sucking; but most of them tend to restrict the use of the hand or cause other difficulties. 

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Mavala Stop is used by applying on the thumb or finger of a child. It gives an offensive taste which encourages a kid to stop thumb sucking. It is manufactured in the United States, the Maval Stop offers a success rate of 99% – no other resource thumb sucking on the market could reach this goal! It can easily apply on the thumb or finger and causes no pain, and does not limit the use of the hand in any way. It is perfectly safe for children.