Why Is a Dust Extraction System Required at Work?

Dust removal safety regulations are strictly enforced in every industry. The dust extraction system in the work area removes macro and microparticles from the air and protects workers from hazards in the work area. 

Workplace safety is of utmost importance and workplaces that do not comply with health and safety regulations can be severely fined. An efficient air cleaning system is an essential part of any manufacturing or manufacturing facility. It is now easier to find the best dust collector to lower explosion limit via https://www.euratex.co.uk/explosion-isolation/.

Understanding how wood dust extraction works

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Dust must be sealed before it can be removed and disposed of. The vacuum unit sucks material into the inlet of the gripper hood, which is meant to contain particles. The particles cannot enter the workspace atmosphere and the particles are collected in the exhaust system of the extraction system for safe disposal. 

Air flow through the system must be maintained at a constant speed to avoid clogging the engine with dirt. The dust collector captures, transports and collects airborne particles for safe disposal. The particles are captured by the hood and then transported through a series of channels. 

The soot is then collected by passing it through a filter or smoke evacuation sleeve. Dust-related diseases are a big problem because dirty air can cause devastating diseases such as mesothelioma, silicosis and asbestos lung cancer. 

Polluted air in the workplace can lead to poor skin conditions, eye and nose damage, emphysema, and asthma if the air is not constantly filtered. Employers are now required to make the workplace a healthy area for their employees, which means employers must install appropriate air purifiers.