Facts About Organic Almond Oil

Organic almond oil is one of the most versatile and beneficial items available. Of the 2 types of almond plants, sweet or bitter, almond oil is extracted from the nuts of the sweet almond plant. The kernels of sweet almonds contain oil and emulsion.

As recently as the 20th century, almond oil was given orally in medications to treat liver problems, boost the body's immune system, and fight inflammation. Today, it is widely used in alternative treatments and Ayurveda.

Almond oil is friendly to sensitive skin as it is naturally hypoallergenic and has a mild, unobtrusive scent. Consider these amazing benefits:

    o Considered the best base oil for massage therapy because its lightweight adds the proper glide to the skin.


    o Its anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for use in deep tissue massages.

    o Almond oil is the preferred vehicle for essential oils used in aromatherapy and aromatherapy massages.

    o Contains essential fatty acids oleic and linoleic (EFA), so it is easily absorbed into the skin. EFAs facilitate the delivery of the high content of vitamins E and F in almond oil. You can also purchase organic almond oil from Ostro-organics.

    o Valued as an emollient that heals skin irritations like dryness and itchiness common in the winter months.

    o Immunity-stimulating and antihepatotoxic properties help protect the skin.

    o Apply before toweling off after showering or bathing to seal in moisture.

    o Extend your pedicure or get ready for the beach; At bedtime, generously apply almond oil to your feet and put on cotton socks.

    o Be sure to take it with you during air travel to soothe the "skin of the plane."

    o Perfect for massaging dry and cracked cuticles.

Not all almond oils are of the same quality. To make sure you get all the wonderful benefits from this amazing oil, use the highest quality organic oil available.