Advantages of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable pontoons look like little log boats and are quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies in North America. There are several reasons why inflatable pontoons are so popular. First, they are easy to store. Even though they are inflatable they still have room for storage. Most inflatable boats do not have more than a few chairs on them.

Inflatables are actually surprisingly stable and strong. They have very little to give. Inflatable pontoons should never flex in the middle either. Paddle boarding often looks like it would be a hard task. However, every time you go out on the lake or ocean you will see many people using inflatable paddle boards.

Another one of the main advantages of inflatable sup boards as featured on is that they are extremely durable. Unlike hard paddleboards, inflatable paddle boards do not bend in the middle because they do not take any water. Inflatable rafts are designed to survive even the worst conditions and there is nothing the matter. This is especially important if your raft is going to be out on the ocean or in a heavily windy area.

The inflatable boards can be stored very easily as well. It is very easy to fold inflatables because they do not use straps or webbing. You simply pop them down into small storage areas under your boat. Inflatable rafts can be stored in small storage spaces under your boat too. This means you have more storage space available to you.

The last major advantage of inflatable paddle boards is their affordability. While hard paddleboards can cost hundreds of dollars, inflatables cost only a few dollars. Hardboards are made from a material that is very expensive to produce and hard wood is also very expensive to shape. This means the cost of a hard paddleboard is usually around three to six hundred dollars. This price is much higher than other surfboards. This is why inflatable surfboards are such a great deal.

One final advantage of inflatable boards is their resale value. When you get an inflatable board that was used on the California coast, you will most likely find it for a good price. This means it has a lot of resale value. When you get a hard board that was used by surfers on the British Columbia coast, it is likely that it will be worth far less than it would have resale value for.