Paintball – The Newest Action-packed Sport

We all remember the "good old days" when we found all sorts of things to throw at each other as kids – water guns, water-filled balloons, mud – you name it games! I think it can be said that the "inner child" never dies. Paintball is a sport in which players with guns shoot paint at each other. 

No, not kidding – this is a real sport that involves rules, strategy and teamwork. Where is the game being played? It's called a paintball course. This is the best place for the paintball birthday celebration.

Paintball Guns For Advanced Players - Action Packed Paintball

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Are there any paintball rules you could ask? Definitely maybe! This is not a children's game. The rules seem to get more complicated as the game changes. First, let's start with the goal of the game: score a goal without getting shot with a paintball. 

Goals are agreed upon before the game starts, for example capturing the flag. With that in mind, here are some basic paintball rules that all paintball dads need to remember before picking up your kids:-

1. A player is considered "out of the game" if hit by a paintball and breaks. The obvious proof is the fact that you are covered in paint. Confirmation or “paint inspection” is given by the referee.

2. If a player is hit and leaves the field of play, he is not allowed to speak. This is called "The dead are silent".

3. Players are not allowed to bring paintball. All balls used must be from the referee.

It should be noted that paintball guns must be used exclusively for the game and using them as a weapon can result in arrest. Even if you don't qualify for military training, but still want some action, paintball could be the sport for you!