Information About Water Heater Installation

If you are wondering what to consider when shopping for new water heaters, there are more than brands and prices – you have to decide between the condensation of gas, electricity, and gas, and choose the most energy-efficient.

  • Gas hot water heater

According to consumer reports, gas water heaters are expected to swallow the cost of homeowners about half of the cost of electric hot water heaters (WH). You might be wondering about the price difference. Even though Gas WH is rather pricier, it is a valuable investment. This additional fee will be paid in at least one year. You can get water heater installation services in Surrey from various web sources.

  • Determine your hot water use

Every household utilizes various amounts of water throughout the day, which is why there are different sizes. How much water do you use? Here are some factors to help with computing.

  • Shaving: 2 gallons
  • Wash face & hand: 4 gallons
  • Prepare for food: 5 gallons
  • Dishwashing machine: 10 gallons
  • Shower 10 minutes: 20 gallons
  • A load of laundry: 20 gallons

  • How the gas condensation water heater works

A gas condensation water heater (GCWH) functions the same as a gas water heater by heating water with gas burners. However, GCWH is more efficient because the combustion gas heats the water in the tank goes beyond other heater capabilities.

  • Save money with a gas condensation water heater

By buying a GCWH certified energy saving, you will start savings around $ 100 per year and almost $ 1,000 above GCWHS for life! Think about this: the more you use, the more you save. So, a large family even has more savings in stores for them!

  • Energy efficiency

You can expect to cut your CT water heating costs by almost one-third! According to Energy Star, if even five percent of gas water heaters are certified Energy Star, A.S. will save $ 25 million and 17.2 terms enter every year. You can remove 17,000 cars from the road with such savings!