Learn Math In A Fast and Easy Way

Pre-k math starter kit is the best method to teach math to your kids in a fast and easy way. Pre-k math kit is ideal for those kids whose age is from  3 to 5 years. This kit contains 10 books, handwriting bonuses, print, and digital downloads. For better learning and to enhance math solving capacity, you can purchase pre-k math books via https://pageadaymath.com/products/math-handwriting-introduction-collection-book.  


This pre-k math book has been created in such a way that your kids will start doing math independently. It also helps in building the habit of fast learning. 9 months of daily practice with these books can make your kid a genius in math subject.

Pre-k math starter kit makes math easy and interesting for kids. After the first use, the least likable math subject will become the kid’s favorite.

This helps in building retention and fluency in solving a math equation. Some kids can not identify the number easily. They got easily confused with numbers like 9 and 6. But math kit helps in distinguishing numbers so that your kid can easily differentiate numbers like 9 and 6.

Pre k kit helps to build a consistent routine and developed great study habits. To make math subject more fun and entertaining, this math system also covers the following things:

  • Three math bonuses like assessments, flashcards, progress tracker
  • Two handwriting bonuses for handwriting practices.