How To Choose Cantilever Racks For Your Warehouse?

Cantilever rack used to store large, irregularly shaped, oversize products in the warehouse. Some of these products includes long pipe, plastic tubes, wooden boards, etc. Cantilever racking system consists of three parts: an upright column, cantilever arm for store products, and a base. This post discusses the basic information needed to choose the right type of cantilever racks. You can also get the best industrial racking in Toronto via various online sources.

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Factors to consider when selecting cantilever racking for your industrial needs:

Storage Needs: Determine your storage needs by taking into account the length, shape, weight, and height of the product to be stored. Additionally, you need to consider how much each bundle will weigh.

Straight Arms: These arms are perfect to store flat steady goods such as steel sheets, lumber, skids, cartons, etc.

Inclined Arms: These arms are used to store cylindrical or rolled objects. The selection of the arm length and style will depend on the load bearing capacity of the arm. 

A level is created by two arms on each side. The weight of the load can be divided per level on the assumption that weight is efficiently supported by the two arms. 

Braces: Determine the width of the bracing set, which will allow you to calculate center-to-center measurements of arms installed on columns. This will help you calculate the length of the product to be stored.