Recycled Socks That Save The Planet

We all must admit it: we're sock nerds. We're incredibly attracted to finding innovative methods to create the world's best socks. Well this time, the Sock Scientists outdid themselves. The socks are soft and comfortable. They're durable. In terms of style, they're perfect for any boutique-style store across the nation.

They're entirely made of plastic. The math is easy. Two plastic bottles equal the same pair of ethically made and sustainable socks. You can buy the best quality recycled plastic bottle socks via

Here you can look for ways to reach the best in sock comfort and sustainability.

1. Visit your preferred recycling facilities and collect recyclable bottles.

2. The bottles are then processed inside our secret sock lab where they're chopped and ground, washed to remove any traces of ash, then melted to form "chips." (Okay this isn't really a secret… this is just the method used.)

3. They are turned into a liquid, and then fashioned into long filaments that can then be made into a woven.

4. Take these filaments, then convert them into reprieve the world's top recycled fiber.

It is certain that if someone didn't tell someone else that these socks are bottles from an earlier life then you wouldn't have known. 

"These socks are among the top socks you can get. They don't slip from the heel. They never slip even once during the day. They're soft and super comfy. They are a must-have for any woman.

The sustainable sock line is also available in a range of sizes, colors styles, cushion levels, and colors made for women, men, and children. The well-known brands are proudly presenting their Sustainable Sock line.