Rethink Your Retirement Strategy With A Financial Advisor

Due to improvements in medicine and living standards, the average American's lifespan keeps growing every year. We need to reconsider our retirement strategy. You can look for the best retirement strategies with the help of a trusted financial advisor named Edward Jones.

Top Retirement Savings Tips for 55-to-64-Year-Olds

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If you're under 40 you can expect to save 10% to help you retire comfortably. You should allocate a greater percentage of your income to this goal if you are older than 40. Retirement accounts are still a good place to invest our money, even though the current financial crisis has made them less safe. 

These accounts offer a unique bonus, as they are often tax-deductible. Employers may match a portion of employee contributions to company retirement accounts, so in addition to the tax deductibility you'll also receive a nice bonus from your employer.

Diversification is key to a healthy retirement plan. You should also invest in real estate, along with your retirement accounts. A house that you can fully pay off by the time you retire is a great asset. 

Otherwise, the cost of living could be very high. You can still enjoy your life if you have multiple rental properties. It might be worth considering investing in stock options and shares some of the retirement savings. 

Shares are a risky investment and should only be used as long-term investments. You should not use them as your only retirement strategy. Otherwise, you could lose a lot of money.

However, gold investors have seen a surge in recent years. The price of gold has soared as a result. Although gold is still an attractive investment for diversifying your portfolio, the immediate returns might not be as good, but they can be a smart addition to a long-term retirement strategy.