All You Need To Know About Slurry Pumps

How many times have you laid in bed all night trying to find out what the slurry pump is? If you like most normal people, the answer to the question will be "not many". However; all that takes is one time and you are totally screwed out of a good night's sleep.

What is the use of slurry pumps?

In short, the slurry pump is just what it sounds like. It's just a pump designed to pump all different types of goop. So where would a slurry pump find a use? In fact, they are used all the time in all sorts of various applications.

Used For Pumping Liquefied Crud

For example, a slurry pump is used a lot in the mining industry. You see, it is often necessary that substances that contain substrates are pumped in liquid form. It's either that or dry the stuff out before it can be handled, which is so often just not feasible.

Other Uses For a Slurry Pump

Then the pulp pump is used in manufacturing too. For example, products such as cement fluid often have to be pumped here and there to produce various consumer items. Also in situations such as floods, water can contain debris and need to be pumped.

What makes the slurry pump very different?

So what makes the slurry pump very different from the standard water pump? Well, for one thing, slurry pumps have to be able to withstand being constantly hammered by the crud that they pump.

The Slurry Pump Is Built To Take a Beating

This is accomplished in a number of ways, including lining the insides of slurry pumps with hard rubber so the crud won't wear the pump out. Also, interior parts of slurry pumps are often made from hardened metals.