Is Outsourcing IT Support And Services A Good Idea?

Well into the 1990s, most companies performed IT support management in house. Technicians were onsite from nine to five – and sometimes around the clock – to fix problems and perform scheduled maintenance.

Today, this scenario sounds expensive – and it is. Although companies that have a strong IT focus often employ a stable of technicians, this arrangement typically has a poor cost to benefit ratio for small businesses in the low-tech markets. Thankfully, there are companies that provide affordable IT support services for such businesses.

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Reasons to Outsource

Because outsourcing involves relinquishing direct control of something, some companies feel that quality assurance justifies keeping out sourceable functions in house. With IT support and services, this simply isn't the case.

Because customers use the network the same as they would if support were provided in house, their ability to evaluate the quality of the network's resources doesn't change. With that said, below are three reasons why small businesses should consider outsourcing IT support management.

Network Receives Round the Clock Monitoring

Hardware and software applications don't always fail during business hours. Neither are hackers guaranteed to attack the network when the intrusion would be easy to notice.

That's why your network should ideally receive round the clock monitoring from a provider of IT support and services. If the network experiences a problem just before midnight, you don't want to discover it when you arrive for work the next morning.