Dental Crowns And The Different Types Of Crowns

Dental crowns are objects made from materials available covering different dental problems. This cover or wrap formed into an actual tooth to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

 The procedure is usually required when a particular tooth decay is approaching or in specific cases when a tooth is broken or has a severe form or color inconsistencies. For more information about dental crown you can visit

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A dental crown is usually provided by general dentists and in some cases by a professional cosmetic dentist. There are different types of material available if one should need a dental crown.

Porcelain or metal fusion short for PFM, these crowns have the advantage that the color base can match a person’s teeth. Other materials are available to the dental crown including resins or all-ceramic crown. 

The process involved in getting a dental crown, usually involving multiple visits. The first visit usually involves a general dentist or cosmetic reshaping of your teeth so that it will cover it perfectly together with a natural feel. This is an important step, chewing and biting forces need to have a natural groove so that the crown can sit properly. 

On your second visit, the dental crown will be seated on your teeth and the dentist will check to ensure a perfect fit. Once everything is in place, the cement used to mix the ingredients for your teeth. 

General care instructions will be given to you by your doctor that includes staying away from chewy or hard foods that could potentially damage the newly installed crown.