Two Places For Vegans To Travel In Asia

Asia is a place with great food. Asia is home to an amazing diversity of cultures and is the world’s largest continent, however, it’s not all dim sum and sushi! Vegans might face a variety of challenges when traveling across Asia because the country was obsessed with meat. But, many places are geared towards vegan diets. 


Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is home to more than 200 Vegan establishments, which include takeaway alternatives. Pho, Bun Rieu, Banh the Xeo Crepe, as well as hotpots, are some of the sought-after food items, meaning there will be plenty of variety on your trip. You can click on this link to read various blogs about vegan places and restaurants in Asia.

The majority of eateries are usually quieter in Ho Chi Minh City and are less crowded in the evenings since most people stay in their homes with family. But, as the evening continues and the city’s residents seek to have an enjoyable meal, restaurants and street vendors become more crowded.


Vegetarians have plenty to offer in Israel. Research shows that at the very least one in eight Israelis is a vegetarian and its ardent people are aware of Tel Aviv as the “vegetarian capital of the world”. This means that traveling as a vegetarian in Israel is the ultimate vegan destination.

The freshness of the produce is the main focus of Israeli food. Because of the sun-kissed environment, the majority of the food can be grown in the home, providing the availability of local and fresh produce, fruit, seeds, nuts, and many other food items.