Standard Documents are Required for Online Visa Application

Standard documents, required for offline and online application is:

  • Complete and sign a visa application form
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support travel and live in this country
  • Proof of travel – air tickets and hotel accommodation confirmation

However, various types of visas require different types of documents necessary to complete the processing and approval. When you use a visa application service, you must understand the type of visa you need as well as supporting confidence pretty good. You can apply for a Russian visa with the help of the Russian visa embassy.

For a work visa, you will need proof of employment. Supporting documents varies from country to country, though. But, it includes confirming documents from employers and educational qualifications.

For a transit visa, you need a visa and flight final destination of your ticket. For businesses, you need all the supporting documents' credentials of your business. Most importantly, you need credentials that demonstrate your financial capabilities and a proven business record.

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As you can see, the process is different for different types of visas and so does confidence. Thus, each embassy has a written list of supporting documents that will be required for approval. However, in general, the standard approval process involves the following:

Collecting documents: Visa determines the supporting documents and allows the applicant to present the most suitable person for approval.

Submission of credentials: The documents submitted to the respective Embassy or consulate along with the charge on the scheduled date. This process varies greatly based on the data, the type of visa, the applicant, and the country he/she intends to visit.

Return the document: Is your visa is accepted or rejected, a processed document is returned to the applicant or processing institution.

In fact, the online application process tedious, travel, and transit visas are processed more quickly than business or work. The supporting documents that need to be verified more complex and more important, which tends to slow down the process.