About Weibo Advertising Tools

According to the feedback tool, Weibo banner ads appear at the top of web pages as well as mobile app sites resembling small ads. When they click on an ad, they take the user directly to the home page of the advertiser's company. To get more details about the weibo advertising, you may check it here.

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Weibo search engine advertisement

Equipped with a "Discovery Page" search tool, Weibo makes it easy for users to find the product or service they are looking for. In the long list menu, the Weibo search bar prioritizes the most advanced search terms, while keywords play a key role by listing your ad at the top of the page. 

With more sophisticated keywords, a knowledgeable advertising agency can effectively reduce your advertising costs for optimization on Weibo ads.

Fan title

Another great promotional tool from Weibo is Fan Titles, which promotes your posts and services to your followers with a unique daily update option, helping to gain faster recognition in the industry. The three main typical fan services include.

Publishing is a fantastic tool to get more viewers for your posts. Usually, this tool displays the post title at the top of the user's page whenever and whenever they connect to Weibo.

KOLs (Key Option Leaders) are the most popular merchant promotion tool on Weibo, enabling you to successfully promote your service, account, or blog to a large base of KOL followers and get a high success rate.