The University of Magdalena has been designated by the ITA – International Telecommuting Academy as the venue for its annual event in 2014. This event, which has been held only in three Latin American countries, will be present in its fourth edition in the city. Ancient of Colombia, Santa Marta. It is an international character event to which all public and private entities are invited to link to said event. An event that takes place on three days of August 2014, the first two days of an academic nature and the third day open to the community in general interested in teleworking. On this occasion, the three topics to be addressed in this event are Education for the Development of the Information Society, Inclusive Technologies and Infrastructure for Teleworking, and Intellectual Capital: Balancing the factors of production in the Information Society.

“We invite you to participate in Telework 2014, organized by the University of Magdalena – CETEP (Center for Educational and Pedagogical Technology)


The International Academy of Teleworking (ITA) has its origin in the international foundation of teleworking (fit), an independent non-profit association that began in 1999. Since 1996 a series of international events led to the promotion of research on teleworking and other ways of working and challenged the exchange between researchers and teleworkers. Some of the previous workshops have been held in various places such as: London, Amsterdam, Turkia, Tokyo, Stockholm, Badajoz, Sao Paulo, Krakow, Crete, Argentina, Greece, and Costa Rica. The result of these has been the publication and edition of books of high academic standards.