The Wonderful World Of Digital Photo Displays

A digital photo display is also known as a digital media frame. Basically, a picture frame that has been specifically engineered without the need to print digital pictures or access them on a computer. Unlike a traditional picture frame, where you can only store one movie-developed picture at a time. 

Digital photo displays can instead show an entire album in slide show mode or a picture based on your choice. These small gadgets are usually seven inches to twenty inches in size. There are also photo layouts app that displays JPEG images as well as high-definition photos saved in other formats.

Digital Photo Displays

Image Source: Google

As already mentioned, most of these displays work like your desktop photo album screensaver that presents your collection of pictures in slideshow format. 

More advanced models are able to send photos to your printer to give you "hard copies" and prints for your traditional photo album.

There are also photo displays that go a step further and record multimedia content such as MPEG video files, and movie clips through the movie mode of your digital camera.

Basically, having a digital photo display is similar to compressing the part of your computer that stores content such as pictures, music files, short movie clips, and increases the size of a picture frame in a device.

In fact, even digital photo displays are available that can tap into the Internet and load pictures from there using email, photo sharing websites such as Flickr, and RSS feeds.