Tips for Choosing a Criminal Attorney in Erie

It is important to hire an attorney in Erie that can represent you in criminal cases. An attorney who has been practicing criminal defense for many years will have a greater chance of getting you the desired results.

Even though every criminal lawyer that we know is a good one has to start somewhere, it's important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer. Here are some tips for choosing a criminal lawyer in Erie:

The number of trials completed:

Only a small percentage of cases end up in court. Most cases choose to reduce (plea bargain), dismissal, or any other outcome. Some cases do require a trial. Even if your lawyer recommends against it, you are legally entitled to pursue a case.

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An attorney who is known for not taking cases to trial might not be able to guarantee that your case will go to trial. The prosecutor may have a greater advantage in negotiations if he finds an attorney who has never taken cases to trial.


It is important to determine if criminal law is the main area of expertise when choosing a criminal attorney. Many of the lawyers are "general practitioners", who provide legal services in a variety of areas. A lot of experience is required in an area as crucial as criminal defense. Look for an attorney who has represented clients in serious misdemeanor or felony cases.