Tips For Hanging and Arranging Wall Art Decor

Wall decor can add warmth and personality to any space. A wall decor arrangement that includes framed photos, mirrors, and wall sculptures can transform any room in your house. These are some ways to arrange and hang wall art confidently. You can also find the creative wall art decor by clicking over here. Marble Wall Decor, Abstract Marble Canvas Print, Beautiful Abstract Art, Modern Wall Decor, Large Canvas Print, 1 Panel (24"x16") : Everything Else

Wall Art: Your goal is to arrange your art in a way that makes it stand out.

* Use butcher paper templates to plan your layout. These should be the same size as the wall decor that you are planning to hang. Use masking tape to attach them to the wall. You can move them around as you like. You can mark the positions with a pencil on a wall. Before nailing to the wall, you can arrange your art on the floor according to your liking.

* Group your art by theme. This will create a cohesive display.

* Combine similar items to create a symmetrical shape. Balance is the key to wall art arrangement. Small pictures hanging on large walls can look out of balance, and may appear lost in a sea of space. A larger mirror or painting will look better if it is hung on a large wall. Symmetry creates balance and is generally very pleasing for the observer.

* Take a photo of the arrangement if you need to remove it to repaint it.

Hanging your Art: You will need a hammer and a tape measure, a tape measure, picture hangers, or nails.

* It's a rule of thumb that artwork should be hung at eye level for people of average height. It is a good idea to hang your piece 60-65 inches above the floor. Hanging pieces should extend 6 inches above a shelf or mantle. You shouldn't leave too much space between furniture and art. You should leave a minimum of 10 inches between furniture and headboards.