What Are Messenger Bots?

A bot can perform a number of functions including but not limited to sending you messages or updating your status, or just hanging out. A bot, by the way, is a kind of intelligent program that was created by artificial intelligence software programs.

You can now automate the Chat Bots on Facebook, including the Facebook Chatbot. This is the new way of conversing with your friends, without having to jump through all the same hoops that you have when using a personal assistant. For those who are not familiar with it, a Messenger Bot is an artificial intelligence or "chat" assistant that is programmed to keep in touch with you on Facebook.

There are many variations on bots, so what is the real difference between bots and a personal assistant? In fact, the difference is actually quite simple. Here are the differences between the two:

Bot vs. Messenger Bot A bot has no emotions. It does not react to different kinds of situations and could probably not explain to you why you are doing something wrong. On the other hand, a bot will be able to tell you why it did not answer your request to send an email, or how it did not answer your request to play a game.

Messenger Bot A bot has emotions and can actually ask you questions, and if it does not get a satisfactory answer, it will make its own response. When it does not respond to your queries, it will probably ask you to wait until another day to get back to you.

Bot's success on Facebook Bots on Facebook are programmed to send you notifications, and show you other interesting things. If you're reading a book online and you want to read a news article, for example, a bot will provide you with news about the same topic and will read it to you when you come back to check up on it.

Bot works by learning, receiving, and analyzing feedback from Facebook users Bot works like any other algorithm and thus, it would not work as well without any feedback from Facebook users. A bot could fail to perform its job, or worse, a bot might lie to you to earn you money.

Bot works at your pace The bot's job is to stay on topic and to not interfere with your life. If it needs to send a message and you do not have time to respond, it will be sent to you when the time is right.

Messenger Bot Is a living thing The bot on Facebook does not die when it is turned off, it doesn't die when you uninstall it, and it does not need to be re-installed on a new computer. Since a bot is a living entity, it does not die.

Messenger Bot has no limitations A bot only has one duty – to live up to its mission. While it does this mission well, there is no reason to perform a bot's tasks unless you are allowed to perform them, which is why most Facebook pages prohibit bots to perform tasks.

The worst thing about bots on Facebook is they make you look stupid If you use a bot, it will get away with stealing your password and your credit card information. As you are being watched and judged by others, you'll be doing anything to save your account.

Bot still has to learn – There is no bot that is so intelligent that it can simply solve any problem. A bot has to constantly learn by doing.