What Does Disability Mean to Social Security?

To the normal person, this is sometimes confusing because Social Security's definition could differ from the definition of handicap under other disability laws and applications, such as worker's compensation, temporary disability plans, long term disability insurance, and special education applications, the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"), the Department of Veteran Affairs, or the Department of Motor Vehicles definition if you get a disabled plate.

Exactly what your treating physician or therapist believes is that a handicap might not be the same as Social Security's definition. To put it differently, even when you're deemed disabled by a different government agency, insurance plan, or medical practitioner, this doesn't always mean you're disabled for Social Security benefits. If you want to buy products which can help in different disabilities then you can search over the internet.

If you're thinking about applying for disability benefits, you shouldn't be discouraged by this advice though since the simple fact that you were discovered disabled under another program or from your doctor might nonetheless be helpful as partial proof of your disability.

What Does Disability Mean to Social Security?

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The requirements are comprehensive and are beyond the scope of this report. This guide is especially only supposed to deal with the health eligibility requirements. You're not working or you're working but your earnings are restricted (the earnings limitation is determined by the Social Security Administration, and also for 2011, the limitation is $1,640 if you're blind and $1,000 if you're not blind);

You have acute health conditions which are predicted to continue for 12 months or longer, or are predicted to end in death;

Your acute medical conditions appreciably interfere with your capacity to operate;

You cannot execute the tasks you used to possess; and

You cannot learn how to execute other less physical tasks, even when you never had any additional tasks on your lifetime (by way of instance, even if you never worked at an office if Social Security believes you're in a position to satisfy the physical needs of a document clerk and they believe you could be retrained to work in a workplace, then you won't be regarded as disabled.).

You normally have to fulfill each of the criteria listed in sequence to be found handicap. But, based on the form of health condition you've got and its seriousness, you might qualify for disability benefits even if you can execute particular kinds of tasks so long as your earnings are restricted.