What Does Professional Car Wash Detailing Includes?

Professional car wash & detailing service is what most of the people choose. As they are already aware about the benefits like time & money saving, they also know the importance of it. Professional car wash & detailers are expert in reaching out to every core of your car and cleaning it properly. Get the best car detailing Toronto by Cleen Detailing. Visit website to check our services and book now

Here is a checklist of what a professional car wash detailing includes:

Vacuuming: Vacuum cleaning is the first step of car detailing. It removes all the dust and dirt particles present in the car. It can easily reach out to the small areas and clean it.

Brushing & Steam Cleaning: The mats and carpets in the car are usually cleaned by brushing and steam cleaning. Detailed brushing is performed in case there are any stains or blemishes on the carpet.

Glass Cleaning: Every glass is properly cleaned in order to give clear view to the driver, removing every stain, dust or dirt.

Leather Cleaning: All the leather parts in the vehicle are properly cleaned and dried using a leather soap or leather cleaner.

Wiping: Applying a cleaning detergent other parts like the dashboard are wiped properly to give the perfect fine & clean look. Along with wiping, re-vacuuming is also performed in order to remove any dirt if left in the interior parts.

Perfuming: At the end of car detailing, perfuming is performed in order to give your vehicle a good odour.