A Beachy Escape the Only way to Beat the Summer


The idea of unwinding and relaxing is akin to having a vacation on the beach. Tourists flock Thailand and other coastal cities around the year. The beach makes the perfect place for a vacation. Everyone loves the sound of splashing waves and relaxes to the music of nature. Here are the few excuses we all give ourselves to hit the beach for a vacation.

Tanning – Getting a natural tan is miles better than a costly session on tanning bed. You can not only get a natural glow on a sandy beach but also treat yourself to fresh air and rocky song of the waves.

Friends getaway – Beaches are the perfect places to take your friends and family to. As you hit the sandy, windy beach, your stress just sails away leaving you light and relaxed. A good idea is to make a beach kit having a shovel and pail, and think up some nice dares to play bury on the beach game. Always have a sufficient supply of snacks in your backpack.

Selfies – Beach selfies are a must for your summer instagram. It’s a waste to go to the beach and not use that perfect landscape, fantastic light and fun filled glow on your face to take memorable pictures and selfies are always in your control.

Collecting shells and weeds on the shore – One of the children’s favorite pastimes while on the beach is to collect shellfish and washed off weeds. This is not only fun, its informative and intriguing and gives an opportunity to learn about nature and sea life. Don’t forget to carry a few boxes or jars so you can safely bring back the kids’ discoveries back home.

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