Is Avocado Super Food Or Not?

Today, it seems that nearly every place you eat offers a food item using Avocado as the primary selling point. Avocados are, in fact, extremely healthy however don't believe that eating a small portion from this well-known food ( yes, it is a fruit, and not an ingredient in a vegetable) will create a Big Mac healthy. 

It's a great food however it's not gold, and a serving of guacamole in Chipotle isn't going to erase the 1,000 calories of the burrito that you've just eaten. There isn't a single ingredient that does that, however, it will enhance the nutritional content of whatever food you put it in. For a healthy diet, you can also buy avocados through

A reason why some people steer clear of Avocados is due to their fat content. however, these are good fats that your body requires to perform its functions.

It is truly a fantastic food source that is full of minerals and vitamins. One Avocado provides your daily dose of fiber, vitamin E along B Vitamins! Additionally, it contains a huge quantity of antioxidants that are great for boosting your immune system. 

It's an ideal food for a woman who is pregnant to include in their diet because of the amount of folic acid as well as vitamin B6, which is essential for the healthy development of the fetus. Also, B6 can help ease morning sickness. If you're a pregnant woman don't be ashamed of snacking on chips and guacamole.